coding and cooking

I came across this entertaining article on how cooking is like coding. In addition, to talking about the cooking analogs of multi-threading and unit-testing, I came away with a wonderful new web discovery: Yummly. The author describes Yummly as the “github” of cooking with the recipes akin to one’s “code.”

Food and code? Vegan techies? It is a serendipitous topic for this blog….

At initial glance, Yummly looks to be a wonderful site which, very happily, fully supports the vegan diet. In setting up my account, I was able to specifically select “vegan” in my “Taste Preferences.” After that, further customization could be had by selecting some favorite cuisines. The grid of pictures is food porn at its finest. It looks promising…and, as I have “try a new recipe every week” as a New Year’s resolution, this Yummly discovery couldn’t be more timely.

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